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We only use the best raw materials for our products
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Our plastic packaging production range is very large, suitable for satisfying all our customers’ needs, about both returnable and non-returnable packaging.

Both of them are manufactured using selectioned raw materials: PP (Polypropylene) for returnable packaging, PEHD (High Density Polyethylene) for non-returnable one.

The right mixture of raw materials, together with the high technological efficiency and a long human experience, is the fundamental thing for a firm alike us, whose only mission is to assure the maximum seriousness, quality, convenience to all our customers.

For plastic packaging, you can choose the colour

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47 Cassa Agricola da Raccolta CM. 35,5x52,5x30,5
47 Cassa europa CM. 30x50x27

If you need different packaging measures from those above exposed, please contact us via email:

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