Carries your products since 1963

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mof_small.jpg (3726 bytes)In Fondi, an important renowned South Pontino agricultural trading center, where is the M.O.F. that is one of the most important European agricultural market, there is the firm called “Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo S.r.l.”

It was founded in 1963 as “Imballaggi F.lli Fidaleo s.n.c."
It has been before operating in wooden packaging and then also in plastic one.

Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo S.r.l. is able to make the best for its customers’ images, giving him the best quality in wooden packaging, decorated with coloured customers’ drawing & marks.

Because of the increasing importance of plastic packaging for the agroindustry, Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo S.r.l. has decided to entry also in this sector, and thanks to very high technological equipment, it can offer to his customers plastic packaging more & more suitable for carrying vegetables, fruits and other things, so to satisfy every trading need.


In order to take care of enviroment, packaging-manufacturers and customers, Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo S.r.l. is associated with RILEGNO (Wooden Consortium for wooden packaging  re-using)  and  CO.NI.P. (National Plastig Packaging Consortium for plastic packaging recycling). Logo.jpg (29532 bytes)

How to reach us...From Rome and Naples



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Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo S.r.l. - 04022 Fondi (LT) - ITALY - Phone +39 0771.501041 - Fax. +39 0771.510053