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CARDBOARD PACKING: one more service for our customers
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In partnership with the multinational International Paper Italia S.p.A., world leader in paper business, Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo can also supply cardboard packagings.

The PLAFORM model is the innovative packaging studied just for agroindustry and it had a fast and wide diffusion and it's largely imitated.

Near this, the new cardboard packaging generation include FLAPLESS model, that complete the offer so to satisfy every need of customer's business.

All the types of cardboard packagings are available in different measures.

For further informations regarding to cardboard packaging, please contact us by one of the address below:

TEL  +39 0771.501041;  +39 0771 510053
FAX +39 0771 510053


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They are available different measures of cardboard packagings

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Imballaggi Fidaleo Rinaldo S.r.l. - 04022 Fondi (LT) - ITALY - Tel. +39 0771.501041 - Fax. +39 0771.510053