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Our mission: seriousness, quality and convenience
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The manufacturing process start with an accurate raw material selection; then the selected raw materials can be dosed in fitted container, heated less or more at 200 C.
In this manner plastic material melts and can be injected into an adapted mould with a 550 atm pressure, where it take the shape of the final packaging.

Every packaging is electronically checked, personalized by customer’s mark, put ordered on europallets and wrapped by cellophane.

Packagings have little tube on every corner, so to assure the best stability and resistance towards the weight.

Besides inner packaging designer is carefully studied to avoid damaging or cutting its contents, thanks to its smooth bottom and corners.

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For plastic packaging, you can choose the colour

(click on measure-column to show technical form in  Word format )
(download video in WMV  )

MOD. 07 Padellina in plastica cm. 30x40x7
MOD. 014 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x40x14
MOD. 14,5 New Cassa in plastica Nuovo Modello cm. 30x40x14,5
MOD. 016/40 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x40x16
MOD. 020/40 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x40x20
MOD. 08 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x8.5
MOD. 09 New Cassa in plastica Nuovo Modello cm. 30x50x09
MOD. 010 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x10
MOD. 012 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x12
MOD. 014 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x14
MOD. 016 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x16
MOD. 019 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x19
MOD. 022 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x22
MOD. 026 Cassa in plastica cm. 30x50x26
MOD. 010/60 Padellone in plastica cm. 40x60x10
MOD. 012/60 Padellone in plastica cm. 40x60x12
MOD. 015/40 Padellone in plastica cm. 40x60x15
MOD. 018/60 Padellone in plastica cm. 40x60x18
MOD. 022/60 Cassa in plastica cm. 40x60x22
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